Thursday, March 26, 2009

Arterial Collective Teaser

Str8 off da batt I juz wanna apolog1ze 4 not upd8ing in AGES!!!

Seriously it's been a madhouse with uni and more, and when I think about updating I am unsure of how big I want the files to be.. It always seems to resize them and then only link to about half of the full-size versions. I guess the lesson here is do not try and take control of a blog, just throw some shit up and get out of there.

With that in mind, I'm putting up a small, really bad quality teaser of what I am getting ready for the next Arterial Collective show, called dRaw. These are good people who helped me out a lot by having me in their first show back in October.

I will return to post the remaining BEACH CLUB!! photos.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

BEACH CLUB!! first installment

In December of last year I had a joint exhibition down at Little Creatures in Fremantle with Sean Morris. The exhibition was called BEACH CLUB!! and it had a short run at the brewery before being taken down for "inappropriate content" ten days earlier than agreed. It had something to do with the inclusion of knives and knife-fighting in the images, judge for yourself if you think we went overboard (check out Sean's blog to see his work for the show). The ultimate effect of the early termination was that we were able to re-show it at a more contemporary and central venue; Spectrum Project Space in Northbridge. We also got insanely better exposure, several scandalous press articles and a longer run-time. 

BEACH CLUB!! was meant to be an exploration/celebration of how boss summer is, but also got a bit dark and a bit into greek mythology somehow, despite watching a shitload of Baywatch. A more in-depth explanation might be found on Sean's blog or the BEACH CLUB!! blog. I had two large paintings and six small ones in the show, this is my Shiphead Series; six small pieces made with diluted acrylic, pens and copic markers on pine.

Features the lyrics to C.R.E.A.M. by Wu-Tang Clan in banners.

Features the lyrics to Bottom Of The Sea by The Duke Spirit in the banners.

Features the lyrics to 99 Problems by Jay-Z in the banners.

Features the lyrics to Some Get Back (Revenge) by Necro in the banners.

Features the lyrics to Staring At The Sun by TV On The Radio in the banners.

Featuring the lyrics to Learn by Dizzee Rascal in the banners.

The next update will reveal the last two pieces I did for the exhibition with some detailed close-ups. Stay tuned for nudity, ghosts and tentacles.