Thursday, June 10, 2010


The group exhibition coming up at The Moon Cafe is in a few days. I'm in my room surrounded by paint in coffee jar lids, with paintings all over my bed and desk, 4 decks on one easel, a shitload of dvds scattered beneath the tv and nothing is finished yet. I think it'll be ok.. I like to work under pressure and this is some pretty bitchin' pressure.

The amount of pieces I hope to get done for the show.. 9 in my organ series 30x30cm each, 4 15x15 pieces I didn't have a plan for but are turning out ok at this stage and 4 skate decks of beat-up faces. The faces are all drawn on, ink-washed and waiting to be painted but I don't know how to paint them yet.. I need thicker paint because some of the seal still remains on the decks even after sanding. Oh well.

The view from where I paint pretty much looks like this.. except the easel is pretty useless with pieces this small, it is just a good place to hold test-wood to make sure the colours I mix are gonna be ok.. and they usually aren't because I don't paint often enough. Because of this I think I'm going to lightly sand off the paint on the organ series before lining them up. I don't know if this will look good or bad.

This is the test wood I was using to test colours, the back of it anyway and then ran out of space and started to use the front. Some friends offered to help me out with deadlines and do some of the paintings for me, so I said I'd pencil one up of their design and they could finish it off for me. They suggested (because the show is titled "JERK") that they draw a guy jerkin it, and spunking knives. Turns out it looks pretty rad at the moment in a funny way, so I'm keeping it instead and finishing it for the show.

Hope I get it all done, The show is at the Moon Cafe this Sunday from about 6pm onwards, all are welcome.