Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Beat Up Decks

I got my hands on a phone that can take decent enough photos every now and then and that's a bit of an improvement from what I was using before, so I thought I'd upload the series of portraits I did on second hand decks of myself and some other dudes I know with facial injuries. These were for a show in July this year.. I did them really quickly, I think I want to add more to the blank parts of the decks still, just an emblem/symbol/item at the bottom of each deck about where the trucks would be.

From left to right with name and what happened is Casey with a cigarette burn to his lower lip, myself after i got my good friend Eddie to punch me in the eye for this project (thank you Ed, you did good), Marijn after a skating incident and Mikey after being hit in the face with a wet pool noodle during a fight. These are sort of shitty portraits, they don't look anything like the people do in real life. Realism ain't my forte.

In other news I've been working hard at the bar I work at, the Hula Bula Bar, which has been getting some recent write-ups in papers/mags etc and our menu is shifting to incorporate some fucking awesome cocktails, like the 1934 Donn the Beachcomber Zombie. I've also been listening to the latest cut of Injured Ninja's up-coming album, "vs. skylazer" which is epic, and the artwork for that is turning out to be alright so far.. sort of Hokusai on steroids.

Also I got this today trying to buy a lamp and got distracted. It was cheap, I'll buy a real one eventually.

Tiki carving, dismemberment, DIY... I feel like i can do anything now.
PS.so many opportunities for linkage, but it's late, and I cannae be arsed.