Monday, July 20, 2009


I have changed the layout of my blog, making it much harder to see what the actual point of it is. It is still a hub for my illustration, but is now graced with a genuine David Collins photograph. I am very proud to have this. I am thinking of sending this out to my entire family as christmas cards.

I went back to the car-park again on Saturday to try and add highlights and shadow to my skull piece, but spray-paint and acrylic do not mix so well and i canned that idea and just finished it up with some details and some lyrics. 

I did another piece that took a really short amount of time and I'm pretty happy with in some respects. I didn't know how to get it looking like I had it in my head, but with the nozzles and cans I had with me I think I did a good job. I ran out of a lot of paint and could not afford to go over it and restart or even cut back in to it, so I just had to improvise. I fucking love trashy-sunset-beach imagery.

I was there with a buddy of mine who does graphic design and is pretty awesome at it. He has a blog reviewing indie-pop from strange places and is worth checking out if that's your deal.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Condor Tower Car-park.

I've been spending a little bit of time at the Condor Tower Car-park this week to contribute to a massive street art project by the crew at ololo. The Condor Tower is a new building in town with about a five-level car-park, which is being fancied up by some of the biggest names in the local art scene in Perth, and from over east. For more information (including who is involved, directions to the site and a short video clip), check out the ololo site. The launch is happening on Saturday the 25th and you'll be able to see the entire five levels worth of art. Bring your ID and some casholah for some cheap ass drinks.

Martin Wills and I collaborated on one of the few remaining blank beams in what is my second attempt at murals with spray paint etc... turned out ok, I still need to go back for some finishing touches.

You can see Martin in the bottom of the last photo, painstakingly adding tiny details to the purple crap his dude squirted out.