Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Just a quick update this time.. Uni is getting really intense as it should do in the final stretches of a three year degree, and I've also been swept up in a few other projects which have come to pass recently.

Amnesty International fund a youth/arts event called
the ARTillery Festival or something, and the advertisement was shot the other weekend. Basically the film team shot a white wall with "artillery" written on it in time-lapse with artists painting around and over it while dancers etc pranced around in front of us. Also involved in painting were Daek, Sean Morris, THNK, Tor, Knest, You Like Planes and a few others.

You Like Planes, Daek, Sean Morris and myself.

You Like planes, Sean Morris and Daek working.

The other half of the wall features Tor, THNK, Knest and some others I don't know.

This was my amnesty heart.

Injured Ninja and I are in a symbiotic art/music relationship. I am going to give them the best fucking art for their music and they are going to play the best fucking sounds and we'll both help each other to create the brand and take over the world. This is a preview of the Injured Ninja/Genghis split 12" vinyl cover art (the I.N. side of course). There are a few things I don't like about it, like stylistic mistakes due to rushing and the clumsy colouring that I did with copic markers that don't have a command-Z function... But I think it'll look great once it's printed. The single by Injured Ninja, "IDDQD" is badass, and the film-clip is going to be epic, so keep an eye out for it.

In other news, if you haven't already gone down to Kurb Gallery on William st to see Territory 12: 2 by Martin Wills then get the fuck down there like right now, because it's the best exhibition I've seen in ages. I bought a painting, how's that.