Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Injured Ninja are releasing a 7" single of one of the tracks from their upcoming album (which is fucking dope by the way, coming out next year, and is going to make you wet yourself in awe). The track is 'Golden Top Mountain Journey', a bizarre dubby mix of sound.. comforting and disturbing at the same time. I banged out a quick CD cover to accompany it to music magazines and radio stations to amp up hype about it's release, and it is a preview of sorts for the actual 7" Single cover which will be available for your purchase in the coming months.

It's also experimentation for the album artwork for when that is released, which will be epic, and bloody, and dirty.

Thursday, August 12, 2010


I have been busy lately, working weekends and trying to get art done on the few days between. At the moment I'm deep in the middle of an installation project about youth's relationship with satan/religion and it's re-appropriation in pop-culture and blah blah blah.. Over the course of a week 8 artists are coming together in the Mixtape Gallery space on William St, Northbridge, to create a Karaoke Satan Museum.. it's part installation, part exhibition, part skill-sharing workshop with a mentor artist flown over from Indonesia, Ican, who has a blog here.

It's been a few days of painting on the walls, listening to really loud metal/rock, and having people come in and out dropping off art and adding to the window displays. Pictures when I get them, I still don't have a camera or been bothered to borrow one for the decks I want to post here.

Friday at 3pm and saturday at 2pm things are happening at the KARAOKE SATAN MUSEUM that are worth dropping past for.

Art blog with no fucking art on it. FAIL.