Thursday, May 6, 2010

Face Wasting & Zombie-babes on bikes.

So in the lead up to the group exhibition coming up June 13th at the Moon Cafe, I've gathered some photos from the past few weeks capturing exhibition preparation and photo shoots for illustration reference. The shots were taken by one of the rad dudes going on a skate deck for the exhibition, Casey, and here are some highlights.

The face-wasting first attempt failed, I didn't get hit hard enough which was my own fault.. I didn't know how hard would be hard enough. Second attempt (not pictured) was quicker and I think we nailed it on the first hit. See my previous post for why I got myself punched in the face.

These photos were mucking around on a Sunday arvo trying to get reference material for a logo I'm doing for a friend's business which restores and sells awesome old bikes and shit like that. It is going to be sort of gnarley, with zombies and babes and graveyard type imagery all through it. I can't wait. It turns out we got a bunch of photos I want to turn in to paintings from that day... excited.

On another note I'm having trouble getting in contact with the woman who got my image tattooed on her. I found a phone number but have had no reply as yet. I'll hunt it down, Perth is small *evil laugh*.