Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I'm still slack as your grandma's undies for updates, but rest assured this year is choc-full of delicious plong-morsels for y'all.

Good news first up: the exhibition I'm now involved in this July at The Moon Cafe with THNK and the talented Jenness Ray has been moved to a June 13th opening, which is a Sunday. The Moon has long been a favourite spot for student types who can score cheap wine and decent sized meals late at night when most places in dullsville have gone to bed. The show should feature all of our work, quite coincidentally a lot of which is on skate decks....

My beat-up deck series showcases the faces of some of my good friends after being mashed up, including talented Dutch designer Marijn Degenaar, local badass and photographer/artist alias Chris Walken and Mikey of soon to be Tombstone Recycles, makers and purveyors of sweet second-hand lowriders and other pushbikes. The last deck needs another facial injury and I am kindly putting my own eye forward to get blacked to complete the series (first attempt failed, will have to have another crack at it but there are some ripper photos which I'll post when I get a hold of them).

Running late for updates I was going to include so I'll do them later.


Oh. Just got a text from my tattooist friend (The amazing Lozza) who said she saw someone getting my Riding With Wolves piece, "Liberian Girl" tattooed on her thigh. Whoever you are, I hope you know what you're doing, and I'm incredibly flattered:D