Monday, July 20, 2009


I have changed the layout of my blog, making it much harder to see what the actual point of it is. It is still a hub for my illustration, but is now graced with a genuine David Collins photograph. I am very proud to have this. I am thinking of sending this out to my entire family as christmas cards.

I went back to the car-park again on Saturday to try and add highlights and shadow to my skull piece, but spray-paint and acrylic do not mix so well and i canned that idea and just finished it up with some details and some lyrics. 

I did another piece that took a really short amount of time and I'm pretty happy with in some respects. I didn't know how to get it looking like I had it in my head, but with the nozzles and cans I had with me I think I did a good job. I ran out of a lot of paint and could not afford to go over it and restart or even cut back in to it, so I just had to improvise. I fucking love trashy-sunset-beach imagery.

I was there with a buddy of mine who does graphic design and is pretty awesome at it. He has a blog reviewing indie-pop from strange places and is worth checking out if that's your deal.