Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Final BEACH CLUB!! update

After Much messing about and forgetting what I started this blog for, here is the last of the BEACH CLUB!! show that Sean Morris and I had back in December. It was a controversial exhibition that culminated in the artwork being banned from the Little Creatures Brewery for inappropriate content, and then being re-exhibited at Spectrum Project Space a few weeks later.

"Mighty Aphrodite"
Features the lyrics to "Bossy" by Kelis in the banners.

"Scared White Boy In A Black Neighbourhood"
Features the lyrics to Everclear's song by the same name.

There you have it, the final update for BEACH CLUB!!... most likely. I am thinking about putting up a coupe of detail shots because the works here are about A2 size and pretty detailed, but it will clutter up the page and waste everybody's time. I have two more about this size that never even got finished in time for the show, and that I'm not really that fond of. perhaps one day I'll finish the other two off and push them as some sort of long-lost artwork bonanza... "see the work that time forgot".