Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Catching up/Back to school...

I started my last year of uni today so I hope to get this blog up to date soon, before it gets intense. I have some more old art that I'd like to have up here before I get to the new stuff. These images were both for graphic design assignments last year, the briefs of which are too boring to get into. I'm really pleased with how the pin-up girl worked out, it was about 5 hours drawing with pencils and then micron pens, and then another few to colour using photoshop. I should draw more babes, people seem to like drawings of babes. 


The next image was my submission for the Love Is My Velocity Plate Project. This image was also hand rendered with micron pens and then the colour added in photoshop. The typography was also added later. I had used pretty much the same image for a uni assignment but with the reformatting into a circular template, I also changed the colours and made it look a lot better.

"Home Is Where The Heart Is"

So I think I'll leave it as just that for the old artwork, and the next blog will have more recent work, namely the paintings i did for the Ar+erial Collective and a joint exhibition I had with Sean Morris called BEACH CLUB!!