Monday, February 23, 2009

The Clothespeg Projects so far...

There is an art project in Perth that a nice lady runs called The Clothespeg Project. It is open to anyone of any art discipline to enter, and the only limitation is that is be a flat A5 print. I had only one entry in the first of these and barely finished it for fear of ruining it if i kept going. The next time the project ran I thought "fuck it" and bashed out three pieces in as many weeks during uni classes and at home, and it went much better. These are my submissions to the Clothespeg Projects, volumes 1 & 2.

"Thunder Head" for vol.1

"Total Eclipse Of The Heart" for vol.2

"Ghost Ride Ya Whip" for vol.2

"Limbo" for vol.2

Bring on volume three I say.