Monday, September 21, 2009

Days 3 & 4 of Three Bears Mural.

I missed out on updating yesterday but I still took some shots during Saturday's stint at mural painting.... I meant to get down there early and stay all day until maybe midnight and see if I could just smash the shit out of the mural. Instead it took me ages to get moving, re-stock the spray paint I needed and get there. Then I left early to get hammered. The beer in the eye of the squid is for scale.

Sunday was much better, I worked from 3pm until almost 2am and did pretty much everything I wanted to but was foiled by my good paintpen running out. I also fucked up some of the snake scales and did not add tiny random details yet like scratches, oozing fluids, tattoos, wrinkles, warts/spots etc.. I needed fresh eyes for that so I came home. I am totally happy with the anchor I busted out without so much as an idea of what to do.. it just worked out at the last minute.

The owners came in to add a coat of paint to the other half of the store and they took some photos of me busting my hump and lining that mothersucker up. They also got me a bottle of wine. I totally won with this job. One last thing I want to add: The Von Bondies album 'Pawn Shoppe Heart' is fucking great. Oh and I made a shitty sign for Vine Street house but I am totally going to make a better one, and now that I think about it, I am going to do a big god damn mural for next years Aussie day party, and probably do one during the day as well.. maybe a joint piece with some of Perth's finest... hmm.. can't wait. I fucking love spray paint.

Fucking love it.