Saturday, September 19, 2009

Three Bears: Day Two

So I worked for another couple of hours today but had to can it early due to having cravings for an angus burger (I hadn't eaten yet) and work at 6. I managed to make a big damn mess by Mr.Sheen-ing off the pencil that was there instead of just trying to erase it, but decided it didn't really matter and got a few layers of colour down. The most exciting part of day two was seeing tonal range in my fills for the first time in my mural experience... it was hard to do on the floor with the nozzles clogging up and all that crap but it was worth the effort. I also ran out of paint for some parts and decided to bus home in time to eat before bussing back into town for work.

Still to do are the rest of the banners, the rope, the underbelly of the snake (green thing) with shading on the dark bits... cut back all the mess I guess.. do the teeth and eyes, then do all the line-work with paintpen.

fuck yeah i love spray paint.