Friday, April 1, 2011

Comin up, Peach Long Selling Party

I have decided to finish off a bunch of paintings I started for the JERK exhibition last July and never finished in time. I want to see where they end up, to see if I hit the mark I expect to because I planned these to be tight, aesthetically-pleasing-when-hanging-on-a-wall paintings. It is a series of 9 on 30x30cm pine, painted in acrylic and lined with ink (which is proving to once again be a waste of time and money but still so crisp). After this series I'm deviating and experimenting with different methods of construction and heading hopefully towards a more free and painterly method, still hoping to achieve the same level of detail and intensity.

They're all basically parts of my body being lazy and mistreating themselves. This is an eye, mostly lined up but still unfinished. Also in the series is a tooth, a heart, lungs, liver & gall bladder, a hand, a stomach, a tongue and a penis (playing a gameboy, drinkin a longie from a brown paper bag, smokin a cigarette from under his mustache).

I am hoping to hold a selling party when these are done to raise funds for travel, as I should be heading to LA and beyond soon, and might also possibly be heading to Jamaica this year, (more on that later). So if anyone is interested in seeing and buying any once they're finished, please get in touch.