Friday, April 1, 2011

Penny Quill/ Holdfast Tattoo Mural

So I had the great honour of working with a street artist from Melbourne. He is fucking bonkers. Sicks 1 and I were invited to begin working on the walls inside Penny Quill Hair Salon in Mount Lawley, which is actually inside Holdfast Tattoo. So arriving one night after a few beers with whatever paint I had left over and jangling nerves we began. The others finished their pieces pretty quickly, but I opted to use paint pens instead of lining with can because I suck at it at the moment.. out of practice, never been that good to begin with (note to self, set up boards in the garage already).

Anyway after a few weeks and sessions lining up what I started with no plan, I have reached a safety point. I can plan the extensions and typography and other bits of shit i'm adding and then keep going. I think it will look pretty dope when it's done.

The garbage on the jaw I just doodled when I didn't like the skull detail, so I am going to paint over most of it and re-do it. But i sort of like the power lines with mini shoes hanging off them with rooftops and palms.. could be a good idea for backdrop or future murals.