Friday, April 1, 2011

Relative #4 Launch

RELATIVE Magazine is a pretty fly little local mag that features local artists, music, food & drink, film, fashion, tattoo, everything. It's run by a bunch of wicked dudes and is top notch quality and totally free! I got asked to do the cover for #4 and provide a few pages worth of images and a tiny bit of text.. The cover image I just made a banner out of for this blog, so scroll up and check it out in more detail (minus the 'siren country' of course).

The mag features some work I haven't posted about on here yet (I don't think), like this collaboration with Pari Corbitt.. one talented son of a bitch who does amazing paintings and tattoos. Pari did a giant dead fish, and I did the junk coming out of it's mouth, and we put it forward for Windows On Williams when they had their window display thing.

The mag was launched down in Fremantle and I did some live art with Twenty Eleven (mine on the left, his on the right). It was an awesome night, I got free beer all night and tried to paint.

If you live in Perth, grab yourself a copy of the mag if they're still available! From the usual places like Luna, trendy hipster cloth stores and record shops etc. Or visit the Relative Magazine webpage or facebook page for more info.